Monday, November 23, 2009

Below and Beneath

A few glimpses of the chasms beneath our sidewalks and beneath our feet. First the brightly lit, oddly warm and inviting room beneath this sewer drain. It was cold and dusky and I think this was under 5th Avenue as I walked home from work a few weeks ago. The golden light is so much like the one that glows from the Gap or J. Crew right there.

On the other hand this enormous open pit on a platform at Broadway/Lafeyette was pretty scary even though it was tightly locked up in its big blue box. Some kinds of holes feel like their emptyness is going to jump up and grab you.

And of course I always notice the Subway grates from above. Especially if there's a beautiful blue puddle inside.

But this was the first time I'd noticed the blue sky shining down from above the sidewalk grates. So beautiful -- though a little uncanny -- seeing the outside so flimsily separated from the underground.

Bumper Crop

It's Ginkgo season again! These fragrant berries must be New York City's foremost agricultural offering. I mean, you don't see anyone gathering Callery Pears or pigeon eggs. I wonder how far ahead of time this lady sets the orange cone out.