Friday, October 9, 2009

Park construction

The new phase of the Washington Square Park unnecessary (but are all the lawsuits and all the reporting in the Villager really necessary either?) makeover means the playground is wrapped in fencing and then wrapped again in mesh. For some reason it's really disorienting to be inside, the whole place looks different.

But there is something nice about the view of Judson Church through the mesh.

And it's really nice when you put your face right up to it. Mesh-fence moire.

Meanwhile, over on Lafayette there's a new pocket park being built, with lots and lots of chain link and orange caution fencing.

There's something about the construction zone and the green space being one and the same that's sort of nice. And all being overseen by the enormous woman in the left corner.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Styrene Fantastic in the Park

Here's video of our happening in Prospect Park the other day. It seems sidewalks-relevant since it's in the park. Starring Lydia Bell, Mieke Duffly and Josh Rowe. Apologies to those hordes of readers who follow both blogs!

Coming soon: Things that lurk beneath the city! (maybe)